Parish Renewal Program

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Welcome to the Parish Engagement Weekend of our Renewal Program!

This week celebrates the role of St Paul’s as a welcoming community of faith – living the values of the Gospel.  This means we all have a responsibility to use our gifts and talents for the benefit of others.  So please be involved in one of our Groups and Ministries – either for the first time or in a continuing role.  Your involvement will be personally rewarding and a great contribution to our vibrant parish. Copies of the Groups and Ministries form are available here Amy – need to add ‘click here’ somewhere for Groups and Ministries and will be distributed at all Masses.  This weekend we will hear from members of the Parish Leadership Team, who will share with us the impact of faith and St Paul’s Parish in their lives.  We thank them for doing so!


A reminder of the special Parishioner Forums this weekend.  These are a key part of the Renewal Program and we are providing four opportunities for you to contribute to the discussion about the future of our great parish.  They will commence immediately after each of the four Masses.  The Forums will run for 30 mins and for convenience will be held in the church.  Please join us.

Q:  Why is it important to be actively engaged in parish Groups & Ministries?

I like being active in the communities I am a part of, which includes the parish. The St Paul’s parish and its community has provided a lot to me and my family over the years, so for me it’s a way to give back. I’ve met good people along the way, and I always walk away from parish meetings a little more fulfilled and enriched.”

“It gives life to our faith and builds parish community – we are the parish – the parish is not a building.”

“When I fully participate in my faith through a parish ministry, I feel more connected to God and my fellow parishioners.”

 Click here to download the parish Groups and MInistries form

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