Parish Groups

All inquiries and contacts are available through the parish office.

Meaning and fulfilment in life comes from service and sacrifice. People who love God by loving their parish are assured of a spiritual home. Participation in parish life brings companionship, common objectives and personal challenge. Some of the works of our parish listed below may well appeal to you. Please consider.

Acolytes ~ adult parishioners who are responsible for serving at Mass, as well as setting up and cleaning up. Acolytes are typically the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Aged Care ~ parishioners who take Holy Communion to the residents of the aged care facilities in our parish. In preparation for Mass, especially before Easter and Christmas, these parishioners typically arrive much earlier than the scheduled starting time to work with local staff in gathering the elderly together.

Altar Servers ~ parishioners who are our children and young teenagers who assist at Mass. Preparation to become an altar server is simply on-the-job training with either mum and dad fitting out their little son or daughter with an alb of an appropriate size.

Altar Society ~ parishioners who take responsibility for the meticulous washing and ironing of altar linen, especially the purifiers for the chalices at Mass. The altar society also keeps vigilance over the little albs worn by our altar servers.

Bellringers ~ parishioners who have learnt, and who are learning, the ancient art of bellringing. Bellringing before Mass is a very traditional way of calling the people of the community to join the assembly in prayer.

Catholic Enrichment ~ parishioners who join with the clergy in teaching and supporting adults who are interested in being fully initiated into the Catholic Church. A Catholic Enrichment Programme is administered each year from mid-June to the end of November.

Choir ~ parishioners who meet on Thursday evenings to rehearse for Sunday Mass and other major celebrations throughout the Church year. The choir embraces a blend of music from the traditional to the contemporary.

Church Wardens ~ parishioners who manage the collections at Mass, and ensure that various bulletins and publications are positioned conveniently around the church. Our church wardens are necessarily extra attentive in ensuring that collections are conducted reliably and orderly.

Church Cleaners ~ parishioners who are rostered to clean the chapel. The Church is cleaned professionally but the chapel is reliant upon willing ladies and gentlemen to ensure cleanliness and tidiness.

Computer Operators ~ parishioners who assist at Mass by operating the computer that transmits the words of prayers and hymns to large overhead screens for the benefit of congregational participation. Our operators simply need to be comfortable working on a computer.

Extraordinary Ministers ~ parishioners who distribute Holy Communion at Mass, sometimes under both species. Our extraordinary ministers are also responsible for taking Holy Communion to the housebound and aged-care institutions.

Lectors ~ parishioners who proclaim the Word of God at Mass prayerfully and carefully. The basis for being a Lector is to have not only a suitably strong voice, but also a strong commitment to Sunday Mass.

Money Counters ~ parishioners who meet weekly to count the weekend collections. The money counters work as a group, being especially mindful of the need for care and accuracy.

Music ~ parishioners who liaise with clergy in providing sacred music for our celebrations of Mass with a range of instruments and different styles. Our vocalists and musicians contribute to Mass according to a three-to-four monthly roster. All are very accomplished.

Parish Finance Council ~ parishioners who meet according to need to discuss the finances of the parish and to recommend strategic planning. There are six such people on the parish finance committee who have professional credentials in areas such as finance, business, education, law, and accounting.

Parish Pastoral Council ~ parishioners who meet monthly to reflect upon the life of the parish. Meetings are often dedicated to discussion about the ways in which our many parishioners can have a more fulfilling experience of parish life. The many good ideas are only limited by the resources available.

Prayer Network ~ parishioners who have resolved to pray each day for the needs of our own parishioners. Those coordinating the prayer network are also most welcoming of new petitions from our own parishioners.

Rosary ~ parishioners who meet privately, but certainly not exclusively, to pray the Rosary on a weekly basis, as well as Friday mornings following 9.00am Mass in the parish church. An invitation is extended to people of the parish who share devotion to Our Lady through praying the Rosary to come along.

St Vincent De Paul ~ parishioners who at a parish level are part of a highly structured apostolate in the church. Locally, members of the St Vincent De Paul Society provide temporal and spiritual assistance to those families and individuals within our own parish who are in need.