Becoming Catholic

The Catholic faith has a long history, a divinely inspired teaching and a very deep spirituality. Understandably, therefore, many people from a great diversity of lands and cultures have been drawn towards having a stronger relationship with God through the Catholic Church.

Among the many people drawn towards the Catholic Church from one year to the next, some have never been baptised while others have already belonged to another Christian denomination through baptism. Together, these people are seeking – what is known as – full initiation into the Catholic Church.

The Church has a programme to prepare people for full initiation into the Catholic Church. It is known as the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). Please contact one of the priests or contact the parish office for more details.

St Paul's next Catholic Enrichment programme will begin with an introductory meeting on Wednesday 19 June in the parish meeting room - next to the presbytery at 26 John Street Camden.