Parish Membership

In our parish there remains big projects still to be undertaken – a new church at St Clare’s, the restoration of St Paul’s chapel and the enhancement of the parish church.

Year by year there is also the considerable volume of costs required for operating the parish. In recent times when the annual figure for “Repairs and Maintenance” has been high, overall expenditure for the year has been in excess of $350,000. In other words, the cost of running the parish has averaged in the order of about $1,000 a day.

A spirituality of giving is an indispensable component of genuine discipleship. It dates as far back as biblical times. And Jesus, himself, had a strong interest in money. He knew only too well that it was easy to see what people value most in life once it becomes known what they are doing with their money.

A contemporary explanation could be offered in these terms – that giving to the work of parish is the same as giving to the work of God.

Please consider becoming a financial member of our parish and giving at least $50 a month, and considerably more if able. The parish priest, on a stipend similar in value to a pension, contributes $125/month electronically by direct debit.